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Our Personal Service Is Your Competitive Edge
Insurance is a business of risk and change. And when you have to tackle it on a daily basis, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to go at it alone. You have a strong partner who takes your business as personally as you do. You have the entire staff at Colonial Brokerage House who are dedicated to facilitating your business.

We Believe In Integrity
Integrity is the core of our business philosophy. It has motivated us to be the best, rather than the biggest. It also has enhanced our ability to strengthen our relationship with professional brokers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. But it doesn’t stop there.

The integrity of the insurance companies we represent is another reason you can put your trust in Colonial Brokerage House. Our selection of companies allow us to offer you a powerful mix of product, underwriting and long term financial credibility.

We Understand Quality
Innovative products and aggressive underwriting assure that your clients are getting coverage at a competitive price and with attractive products. This is especially true with impaired risk underwriting, an area in which we are exceptionally strong. This is a win, win, win for your client, you and for CBH.

Through a partnership with Colonial Brokerage House you have access to competitive term, universal life, interest sensitive products, second-to-die, single premium whole life, immediate and deferred annuities, traditional products, split dollar/deferred compensation plans and an attractive Long Term Care portfolio.

We Help Build Relationships
Insurance is a people business—helping people protect their lives, health and financial well being. Colonial Brokerage House believes it only appropriate that you have personal, one-on-one assistance in developing and presenting your cases to our various underwriters.

Our service enhances your client service through our instant illustration service, experienced case management, impaired risk expertise, weekly status on cases (or more frequently if required) and direct sales assistance. We encourage you to maximize your time by calling us toll free for quick over the phone quotes on even your most complicated cases.

We hope you’ll take advantage of our advanced underwriting skills, including up-to-the minute knowledge of industry changes. And, reward yourself with the personal, professional service you deserve.

And We’re Ready To Be Your Partner In Success
We are a comprehensive brokerage service you can count on. We’re committed to strong companies with competitive products. Our goal is timely response and positive outcomes. Our in house service starts with the receipt of your client’s application and continues until each policy is issued at the most competitive rate and your commissions are paid. Later, our PHS department assists in client servicing needs.

We are dedicated to developing, and sustaining, true working partnerships with insurance professionals like you. To learn more about how our personal service can be your competitive edge, call us or use our feedback page on this web site.