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Working with CBH

 The CBH business model is based on the importance of relationships.  Our priorities are:
  1. To build and maintain a foundation of Trust and Respect with you, our customer
  2. To ensure that your client relationship(s) are protected throughout the application process
  3. To ‘Exceed’ your expectations from start to finish.


  1. We promise and deliver excellent service
  2. We provide the most varied and competitive product and carrier choices available
  3. We offer vigorous compensation to our producers

Underlying our approach is an unparalleled respect for the needs of your client and your business. We do our best to exceed your expectations, and when we do not succeed (we are human!), we “make it right”.

Excellent Service involves (but is not limited to):

  • The Quoting Process   We provide you with the most realistic expectation for an underwriting class given the information provided to us. Prior to suggesting a carrier or carriers, we carefully assess the underwriting information, including, when appropriate, sending the information out to our carriers for a preliminary assessment. We focus on intelligent consideration of carriers and products based on carrier financial strength, product features, relevant underwriting and recent carrier. Is there a family history of cancer? Exactly how old was the relative? Who was the relative? We can get preferred at Carrier  X and Standard Plus at Carrier Y. Which carrier is stronger financially? What is the premium difference? We consider this and other information when we make a recommendation for a client.
  • The Appointment Process  We bend over backward to make the appointment process as painless as possible. So if you want, we will complete the appointment paperwork for you and send it on to you for review and signature
  • “Going to the Mat”  When an underwriting decision does not meet our expectations, we “go to the mat,” escalating our requests to the medical directors when needed. We will not accept an offer unless we understand why the offer was made and have tried our best to ensure the carriers are considering all relevant information. A recent example: a 67 year-old male and 66 year-old female applied for a Survivorship UL after they were declined by another carrier. The male had history of cardiac issues and the female had skin cancer history. The “quick quote” process resulted in three carriers declining the husband. Remaining carriers had reliminary offers ranging from T-4 to T-8 for male and T-2 to T-4 for female. After discussion with underwriters, we sent out trial applications to two carriers, and ultimately ended up with a best offer of T-2 for the male and Standard Plus for the female. We improved this offer because our request was reasonable and we fought for the case.
  • Follow–up  Our business processing and broker communication is second to none.In addition to informing the agent whenever action occurs in the process, we follow-up with the case at a minimum of every 5 days, and more frequently when necessary. When needed, we involve senior management at CBH and the carrier to address issues of delay or concern.
  • Compensation  For carriers who have a“street max” compensation schedule, we pay “street max,” irrespective of level of production from an agent. We do not expect production of certain levels to access a carrier’s maximum compensation schedule. We will also share BGA compensation (over-ride) with those producers who demonstrate a significant commitment to working with CBH through placed business.